Soli-Statement von Women in Exile, Berlin

Many refugees are in exile to escape the effects of human-made disasters. Disasters which are man made and could not escalate without the active participation of the so called “developed countries”.

Flight reasons, dangerous routes that refugees take on their way to Europe, criminalisation of refugees, deportations ending in deaths and the police brutality accompanying them are taboo topics in these societies.
The European governments have no time for such topics because their aim is to create markets for their products such as guns, dump sub-standard products and for the multinational industries to own cheap tracts of land and to have cheap labour. What matters to them is the profit gained and not the means to these profits. It has become normal thing for the European governments to abuse the human rights which they demand other countries to adhere to.

To us everybody seeking for asylum has “legitimate reasons”, no matter where they are from. The political racism and discrimination of refugees should stop. Refugee should not be criminalised and used as political chips but considered as human beings.
The isolation, discrimination and controlled system of accommodation for refugees is already a prison system. Refugees have to ask for permission to receive visits, visits are restricted on time and are controlled each time that they go in and out of the lagers. Lagers are fenced and act as a prison for prisoners who have committed no crime.

We declare our solidarity with all people who are forced to flee their homes and countries from the European policy makers, who criminalise their human rights of seeking for asylum in their territories and enforcing unnecessary deportations. Freedom of Movement is everybody’s right. Right to come, right to stay, right to go!!

Women in Exile and friends is an initiative of refugee women & activists in solidarity without refugee background. Together we fight for refugee women* rights because we have made the experience that refugee women are doubly discriminated against not only by racist laws and discriminative refugee laws in general but also as women.