Soli-Statement von Bulletin

“Freedom for the PAZHernals6!

On the 14th of September the deportation prison (PAZ) at Hernalser Gürtel in Vienna was burning. A cell was set on fire in resistance of imprisonment and the upcoming deportations. Instead of being deported, six people were transferred to the prison Justizanstalt Wien Josefstadt. State and media presented them as criminals to reinforce the racist deportation system. Now, four months after the incident, the Hernals6 will face trial in the upcoming weeks in Vienna.

News like that, unfortunately, tend to sound “ordinary”. Deportations, imprisonments and police brutality are part of the anti-migration policies throughout all Europe in order to keep migrants invisible and without voice. But with our words and actions, locals and migrants fighting together, we can build an answer to all this: let’s speak about all that, let’s fight it and make it public, let’s find this common ground and be a part of the struggles that refuse to see migrants deaths
and opression as an “ordinary” thing. From the city of Thessaloniki, we send our solidarity to the Hernals6!”

Breaking the Borders, Communicating and Struggling Together, from Thessaloniki